We’re back with our newest MEMBER OF THE WEEK, and we’re so excited about this one!

Remember – each week we wanna select one awesome member who is putting in the WERK to feature our #TFNTEAM community.

This week, we’re introducing #TFNTEAM-MATE Melissa Cabral! Near and dear to our hearts, Melissa has been an Ambassador for TransformNation since June 2017, and has been a light in our #TFNFAM every day since 🌟 You can catch her in our community almost every day to lend a hand, answer your questions, and drop some serious knowledge.

Before joining TFN, Melissa took her health and fitness into her own hands and had an incredible transformation all on her own – check out her before picture below! She came over to dark side [*insert Star Wars emoji*] for the nerdy gains and muscle building, but has contributed back SO much more.

“I joined TFN specifically to learn how to Sculpt my hourglass because after I lost the weight I was basically a scrawny stick figure 😂” 

Between homeschooling her 3 kiddos, severals extracurriculars, coaching for Beachbody, and just being an all-around bomb-ass person, there’s never a dull moment in Melissa’s life. We’re thrilled she agreed to be featured to ya’ll today, so check her out here!

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What one word would you use to describe your experience as a member of the #TFNTEAM?

The year is 2118, and something goes terribly wrong with your flying rollerblades on your way to the gym. One minute, you’re power-blading over the clouds and the next, you’re falling through them! Good thing you’re wearing your futuristic flight suit, and you’ve been training hard to build up the muscles to flap those arms of yours and fly like a bird down to safety. Phew! What ONE exercise did you use to build up such incredible arm strength?!
Dumbell Lateral Raises

Since joining the #TFNTEAM, what has been your biggest NSV?
Learning to not care about the number on the scale going up while I build muscle because I have the knowledge and full control over how I sculpt my body.

What is one new exercise you’ve experimented with since joining TFN that you’re surprised to find you love?
Hip Thrusts! In all its forms!

In 50 words or less, tell us what a day in your life looks like.
Usually it starts with a good breakfast and my protein shake. Then I head to my weight room to get my workout in. I homeschool my three kids so then it’s time to prepare for our day’s activities, each ending with a different extra curricular, karate, roller skating, or orchestra rehearsal!

As related to health and wellness, what is your mantra?
I am a badass! I tell myself that when it gets really hard during my workout. Try it!

What’s the next big milestone goal you’re currently working towards in TFN?
Still working on losing the extra fat and growing the extra muscle in the booty!

What’s your favourite recipe to make for a meal prep?
Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken

Surprise us!! What’s one thing we don’t know about you or your fitness journey yet?
Part of my journey is definitely to get that hourglass figure, but the other part is to build strength in my lower body to improve my artistic roller skating. This is my second season competing and my first season outside of the Newcomer category, so the stakes are a little higher now!

What’s your Instagram handle so we can follow you and watch you crush your goals!?

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