This week, we’re introducing our girl Marylaura to y’all!

You wanna talk ENGAGED in our Facebook group? She’s it.

You wanna see MOTIVATION in action? Check her out.

You wanna know what a HUSTLER looks like? Look no further!

She’s crushing LIFE in general, but we’re taking a look at her mental and physical gains specifically this week.

Since joining us at the end of October, this #TFNTEAM bae has been making gains and friends like nobody’s business! Always dropping encouragement and motivation into our #TFNFAM, we knew Marylaura was the PERFECT gal to show off this week.

Remember – each week we wanna select one awesome member who is putting in the WERK to feature our fam!

Let’s show Marylaura some love for all the amazing progress and support she’s provided for our TEAM! Read on to learn more about this badass babe from Costa Rica 🇨🇷

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What one word would you use to describe your experience as a member of the #TFNTEAM?
Support. Everyone and everything about the program have made me feel so supported and helped that I feel more motivated than ever.

Surprise us!! What’s one thing we don’t know about you or your fitness journey yet?
I’m a mad scientist! Hahaha no but seriously I LOVE science, I devote myself to science, I do science everyday, I can’t get enough of it! And that is exactly how I ended up seeing Abby’s videos and finally trusting her enough to join the program. Also, my journey started because I needed the mental gains, not at all for the physical gains, which I think is a bit different from most people. Physical gains rock though!

Since joining the #TFNTEAM, what has been your biggest NSV?
So hard choosing one, but I have to say I’ve been enjoying how people are noticing the booty gains 😁 That never happened to me before.

What song or artist really gets you pumped up for a good workout?
I love Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard. A bit of motivation plus the pump of some hard music.

In 50 words or less, tell us what a day in your life looks like.
A normal day would be waking up around 5am, feeding my kitties, going to the university until around 1pm, going to work at the investigation center until 5 or 6pm, going back home, working out, studying, and squeezing some transcription jobs in between. I try to have at least one meal or a coffee with my mom and my step dad. And usually playing an episode of some tv show I like while I do some other thing 😁 Busy days!

It’s Boxing Day and you’re out shopping for some at-home gym equipment. You see the dumbbell set you’ve been dreaming of for months, but it’s the last one, and a beastly-looking guy has his eye on them too. You agree to a game of Tug-Of-War, winner gets the dumbbells. As you set yourself up to win, you aren’t worried AT ALL – you’re a Tug-Of-War champion back home and have this in the bag! What ONE exercise did you use to build up such incredible full-body strength?!
I would have to say burpees – the ones that include push ups. Even though I suffer with every single one, I gotta say they make my whole body feel pumped! I try to do some everyday.

What is one new exercise you’ve experimented with since joining TFN that you’re surprised to find you love?
Push up hops! Those have made me feel the strongest and like the most capable me that has ever existed, haha no kidding.

As related to health and wellness, what is your mantra?
“I do this because I love my body, not because I hate it.”
Self love has been a hard part of the journey, but reminding myself that I do this because I love myself and I want to be the best version of me I can be makes me love the process and feel motivated every day and in every aspect of my life.

What’s the next big milestone goal you’re currently working towards in TFN?
Getting my abs to show. That has been a hard one for me, but I can definitely say I’m closer than ever.

What’s your Instagram handle so we can follow you and watch you crush your goals!?
I have no Instagram, haha! I’m one of those hipsters that always fought not to get accounts on social media. I end up surrendering to Facebook, but haven’t started any other account.

*AND WE LOVE HER FOR IT. Way to crush it Marylaura!!*

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