This week, we’re introducing our girl Marylaura to y’all!

You wanna talk ENGAGED in our Facebook group? She’s it.

You wanna see MOTIVATION in action? Check her out.

You wanna know what a HUSTLER looks like? Look no further!

She’s crushing LIFE in general, but we’re taking a look at her mental and physical gains specifically this week.

Since joining us at the end of October, this #TFNTEAM bae has been making gains and friends like nobody’s business! Always dropping encouragement and motivation into our #TFNFAM, we knew Marylaura was the PERFECT gal to show off this week.

Remember – each week we wanna select one awesome member who is putting in the WERK to feature our fam!

Let’s show Marylaura some love for all the amazing progress and support she’s provided for our TEAM! Read on to learn more about this badass babe from Costa Rica