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In case you missed the 7-Day Slay Q&A in our Facebook group, here’s a list of the top questions!


What if I can’t stick to the meal plan perfectly? Are there any food or recipe swaps I can make?
In short, yes! Keep in mind though that this plan has been designed to get best results when you follow it to a tee. Unlike our regular program that follows a fully flexible approach, this week we’re zeroing in on more specific food choices and nutrient timing.

Feel free to swap meals from one day to another, so long as you’re swapping the same meal number. For example, you can swap Meal 1 (Day 2) for Meal 1 (Day 5), but not Meal 1 for Meal 3.

As for specific food swaps, we will be releasing a full list of this tomorrow.


Do I have to buy everything on the grocery list? Is there anything I can cut out to save money?
Check your kitchen first! Chances are you have many of these ingredients already.

Other than that, one way to save money is to buy in bulk. You can definitely reduce variety with our plan in order to save in bulk. We’ll provide our suggestions with tomorrow’s post.


What if I want to meal prep everything at the start of the week? Can I just repeat a couple day’s worth of meals and prep those?
Go for it! So long as you stick to our rule for swapping meals, you’ll be fine. Just make sure you’re storing your meals (especially meats) properly so they don’t go bad.


Should I be tracking calories this week?
Nope, but you can if you want. We’re taking the emphasis off of calories this week and instead taking it back to basics. Each day we’ll be focusing on hunger, energy, and workout quality. As much as you’ll be pushing yourself physically, you’ll be digging deeper mentally to become more self aware and more in tune with yourself!


Can I split my workouts into multiple sessions? For example, cardio in the morning and weightlifting at night?
Of course! The most important thing when it comes to workouts this week is getting them done.


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